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Ido Bartana is a videographer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. He received his bachelors degree in Broadcast and Electronic Communications Arts from San Francisco State University. 

Ido is a visual storyteller, and he uses video to express his voice. In today's social environment, visuals play an enormous role in the way we present ourselves. Ido works with his clients to emphasize who they are and help them advance in their business.

Video is a collaborative effort, and the goal of every project is to capture the client's vision and make sure that they are satisfied with the final results. The first project is often the beginning of a long relationship and many other projects follow.

Bartana Videos' story in

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In addition to online marketing for small businesses and documentaries, Bartana is an evening director in the San Francisco local news station KRON 4. He also has experience as a camera operator and lighting technician working on short films, interviews, music videos, concerts, weddings, and live events. He also works as Technical Operator for sports events in the Bay Area.

Examples of projects Bartana worked on:

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